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It’s Smoove to be on NBA TV – Josh Smith with Michael Redd and Dee Scott on NBA TV

Josh Smith on NBA TV

Spending a couple minutes with at Gametime Studios with Dee Scott and Michael Redd of NBA TV talking some game and the art of the blocked shot.

Click the photo to see the episode. The direct link is below if you need it.





It’s Smoove to #Grind

Its Smoove to be on your grind!

Just get off your feet grab the ball and hold on tight.



*Kevin C. Cox/NBA/Getty Images






What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

Shoutout 2 Talent Attach & their Smoove Social

Talent Attach has Smoove Social


Thanks Talent Attach for having such Smooth Social Media.

Hit them up since they hook me up!

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Its Smoove to Tweet @JSmooveNBA


Turns out.. Its #Smoove to Tweet.

Who should be followed on Twitter? 😉

Its Smoove to Roar!

Its Smoove to Roar!

Open your mouth and let it out.

Be proud of who you are and what you have done in your life.

Just make sure that you don’t roar in a library. #JustSayin

Making the Turn Count


Sometimes its tough to keep moving forward and you gotta muscle through it.

Just remember to keep dribbling the ball.


Day After

Although we wanted to win and I felt we had a great chance to do so i’m proud of my team and what we were able to accomplish this year. Congrats goes to Chicago on a well played series. I will be on here throughout the summer keeping you updated on whats going on. Be easy!!!


Next stop, CHICAGO!!!! Let’s get it…..Ride with me!!!!!

Round 2

I ain’t gone lie to yall. I woke up feeling kinda good this morning. That was a hard fought series and it can only be 1 winner so i’m just glad that we were on that end this year. After the way the playoff series went last year I think alot of the guys took it kinda personal. I wanna thank all the fans that came out to support, Phillips was really electric. Now its on to the next mission at hand. We focused!!! 1!!!