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We bout to take off but I need everybody in the building on Thurs. If you can’t make it then yell from the top of your lungs in front of the TV. We want this to be EPIC…..That is all!!!!!!


What up, what up….As you can see I haven’t been on here as much. We have been staying focused and trying to pull this one off. We gotta play this game today without Big Z and he’s been an enforcer in the middle and JC has been playing out of his mind so we need him to keep up the hot hand. Overall as a team I think we have been doing ok. The other night I have to give it up for all the fans in Phillips because YOU were the 6th man. We need it even more electric tonight because going up 3-1 would be huge. I just wanna thank everybody for their support because it seems like the whole city is behind us and while we out there on the court we doing it for yall!!!!!!! Peace up, A-Town down!!!!!!!

Cooling It!!!!!

Yo yo yo, what’s going on? I just woke up from a short nap about to grab some lunch and start getting prepared for the game tonight. I know everybody enjoyed watching the superbowl Sunday night. I knew when I saw how Aaron Rodgers did the Falcons that he was going to be a problem through these playoffs. The way he throws the ball with precision and accuracy was just going to be to much to overcome. Im headed out to go and walk my dogs for a minute, come back and get focused on the Sixers. I’ll catch everybody on the rebound.

Feb 1, 2011

What’s up? Just sitting here in my back yard so I thought I would send a shout out to the blog. I just bought 2 puppies so i’m sitting out here playing with them. I have a male and female rottweiler and trying to let them get used to new surroundings. They are 10 weeks old so its like dealing with new babbies again. We had practice early this morning so now i’m about to study some tape and chill out until tomorrow comes. Hope everybody has a fantastic day and be easy………

Back to work

What’s up yall? Getting ready to head down to phillips and knock this practice out. Glad that we bounced right back after the game on friday, now we just need to run off another streak of games. But lets get into football because I sat around the house all day and those was some good games. Well I take that back, I sat around after my date I had with my daughter to go see Yogi Bear. The Jets were my team and I was a little nervous about them playing the Steelers but they battled back and if we could have gotten that last stop I think it would have been real interesting. Then over in the NFC the Packers have been the hottest team in the league coming down the stretch and the way they did my Falcons it was no way that I was going against them. So now its on to the superbowl, tell me your picks and hollar back.


I really thought this was going to be our year to pull off a superbowl win. The falcons are so tough to beat at home I was preparing to rock black and red all week. Then we lose to the rockets in the same night to make matters worse. I guess its time for us to start another streak at home on Mon and then the game against the Heat on Tues has been voted the fan game of the week so its time to get ready. I’m about to watch these games today, all the hype surrounding the AFC game I know its going to be alot of emotion out there. Hit me up and let me know who you think is going to win.

Snow Day

Everybody needs to make sure that they are safe today and if it’s no need to be out then stay inside. I went to workout last night and ended up getting stuck on the highway for almost 2 hours. Im going to be here all day and wait on the college football game tonight. I need Cam Newton to go out there and represent for the A. Don’t look as if I will have over tonight so I don’t have anybody to talk junk to. I might just get online. I need everybody and their friends to get out and vote for this all-star game for myself and my teammates. We had a solid balanced game against Indiana the other night, we just have to maintain that consistency. We need to make a strong run before the break because our division is on a roll. Be easy and holla back!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year

What’s going on everybody. Im glad that you all made it into this 2011 safe and I hope that everyone had a good time on NYE whatever it is you might have done. I also so hope that you stick to your resolutions this year. Mines is to stop eating beef and pork. We’ll see how long that lasts. We out here in Sacramento right now bout to get ready for the game tonight and coming off a good comeback win against the Clippers, who is gonna be a good team sooner than later. I brought my new year in out in LA and it feels good to be undefeated this year, lol. Hit me back and let me know what some of you did. I’ll catch you later, gotta go to work. 1………..

Merry Christmas

Hope that everyone has a wonderful day today. Eat plenty of food and have fun.

Off Days

What’s going on……….Just woke up myself about to get some breakfast cooked and lay around the house all day. We have the next few days off until we leave for New Orleans on Christmas Day. I’ve already got my shopping out the way so I guess I will just chill out today, play some video games and wrap the rest of these gifts. For the PSP winners they will be arriving today so I hope that you enjoy them. I hope that everyone haves a safe and Happy Holidays, its time for me to put together my Christmas menu……Deuces