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Happy New Year

What’s going on everybody. Im glad that you all made it into this 2011 safe and I hope that everyone had a good time on NYE whatever it is you might have done. I also so hope that you stick to your resolutions this year. Mines is to stop eating beef and pork. We’ll see how long that lasts. We out here in Sacramento right now bout to get ready for the game tonight and coming off a good comeback win against the Clippers, who is gonna be a good team sooner than later. I brought my new year in out in LA and it feels good to be undefeated this year, lol. Hit me back and let me know what some of you did. I’ll catch you later, gotta go to work. 1………..

Merry Christmas

Hope that everyone has a wonderful day today. Eat plenty of food and have fun.

Off Days

What’s going on……….Just woke up myself about to get some breakfast cooked and lay around the house all day. We have the next few days off until we leave for New Orleans on Christmas Day. I’ve already got my shopping out the way so I guess I will just chill out today, play some video games and wrap the rest of these gifts. For the PSP winners they will be arriving today so I hope that you enjoy them. I hope that everyone haves a safe and Happy Holidays, its time for me to put together my Christmas menu……Deuces

Christmas Winners

What’s up? Just sitting up here in my room in New Jersey. It’s cold but not as cold as I thought it would be. The 10 winners for the PSP’s have all been contacted and once you send your info back in they will be mailed out on Mon and Tues. Im watching TV and i’m really in shock to see how Orlando just blew up their whole team at this point in the season. I guess we will be the first team to get a look at the new look Magic. I really thought I was dreaming when I saw that come across the ticker. Other than that just getting ready for this game tomorrow. I’ll check back in after the game tomorrow. Holla back

Wednesday Night

Whats up? I know alot of you are wondering what am I doing up on here this late but i’ve been meaning to holler for a minute now. It’s been a great last week so far, aside from the loss down in Miami we were able to win 7 out of our last 8 games including the big win at Orlando on Monday. I celebrated my birthday this past Sunday and I wanna thank everybody who posted the b-day wishes, thanks alot. We just have to continue to keep building on these games and keep getting better but we’ll get a good measuring stick on Friday when we play at San Antonio. I want to thank the fans that came through Dicks for the autograph session and next week i’ll be doing a christmas giveaway on the Ryan Cameron show so tune in and try to win. Other than that its not really a whole lot going on with me so I hope that everybody is getting ready for the holidays. Im bout to crash now and i’ll check back before the game to see all the advice i’ll have on here, lol. Yall be easy……….

Tuesday, November 30

What’s going on? Well as you see we have ran off a couple of games and getting it together. I hope that everyone had a good weekend that just past. I just got out of practice and i’m about to chill out for a minute before I go up Dicks Sporting Goods at Lenox Marketplace tonight from 6-7pm. I will be there signing autographs and meeting people. Other than that just get ready for tomorrow and the games this weekend. I hope that everybody knows that my birthday is Sunday so i’ll be checking back for b-day wishes, lol. Take it easy and i’ll catch you after the game tomorrow…….

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

What’s going on? First I wanna wish everybody a Happy and Safe Holidays. I hope that everybody is getting full out there and is getting ready to come to the game tonight. I hosted an event last week at the Atlanta Mission where I was able to bless 250 women and children. God has blessed me so much and i’m just happy to be in a position to be able to help others. I think everyone had a blast, now we are getting ready for the Christmas holidays and the Josh Smith Foundation will be taking a group home up to Dave n’ Busters. I know by now everybody is done cooking and getting ready to watch these football games and your favorite Atlanta Hawks. May you all continue to be blessed. Im about to take a nap before its time for me to go to work. Take care!!!!!!!!!!

Chilly in Indy

What’s going on everybody? Just sitting in my hotel room relaxing before its time for us to take off for this game tonight. We ran into that 4 game skid but had a victory against the T-Wolves the other night. Speaking of them, what about the game that K Love had against the Knicks. 31/31 is crazy numbers, shout out to him. Its a little cold up here but hopefully we can get to clicking early and build on another win streak much like how we started the season. After this we are home for a minute so I can’t wait for that. Im getting ready to host my thanksgiving event again this year and on the 30th i’ll be signing autographs at Dick’s Sporting Goods by Lenox. I’ll make sure that I get all the info out. Other than that I was just saying whats up to everybody and go tell all your friends to come and start posting on my site. I want alot of people on here, it gives me something to do in my down time. Holla back!!!!!!!!

We Stttrrraaaiiigggghhhttt!!!!!!!!!

Just sending a quick shout out before I go to shoot around. We just had back 2 back tough losses but we good yall. Time to get everything back on track tonight. Holla back.


I hope that everyone had a safe halloween weekend. As you can see we all got dressed up and attended a party over Mo’s house. We all had a real good time and now its back to business. Im sitting up here in Cleveland at the hotel watching the Colts vs Texans game and eating a ceasar wrap. We are all starting to get used to the new offense and find our spots in it. Just have to keep it going on the defensive end. I was just reaching out to everybody before I lay it down, i’ll get back with you after the game tomorrow. Holler back!!!!!!!!